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3D Bim Clash

3D BIM Clash Coordination

3D BIM Clash Coordination

Using 3D BIM Modeling, Petrocon can identify and address conflicts between a variety of disciplines, including design, structure, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and others. Additionally, using web meetings, we can distribute 3D clash snapshots. In order to avoid costly and time-consuming rework during construction, BIM coordination services assist contractors in visualising schematic designs prior to construction.

3D BIM Clash Coordination

To eliminate trade conflicts throughout the design, BIM coordination software optimises and modifies duct and piping elevations, as well as resizes pieces when necessary.
By producing thorough clash detection reports that highlight potential conflicts between disciplines, our team can increase system efficiency and lower construction costs.

  • Clash Detection
  • Time based Clashes
  • Clash Reports
  • Clash Mitigation Support

The creation of the NWC Files from all project stakeholders is the first step in the four-stage process that makes up our clash detection services. Our BIM Coordinator, for example, gathers the NWC files from the architects, structural engineers, and MEP engineers.

Before the procedure begins, Clash Tests Templates are created based on a Clash Matrix. The amount of Clash Tests, Clash Types (Hard or Clearance Clash Test), Clash Scenarios (First Order, Second Order & Third Order), etc. are all defined by the Clash Matrix.

On the basis of the created Clash Test Templates, a Clash Detection Workshop is held and clash tests are executed. Individual conflicts are noted and shall be divided into the following categories: New/Active, Reviewed, Approved, and Resolved.

At the conclusion of the procedure, clash reports are prepared and given to the project's stakeholders to begin the dispute resolution process.

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