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3D Bim Modeling

3D Modeling of Architecture

3D BIM Modelling

The act of creating and managing digital information on a built asset, such as a building, bridge, highway, or tunnel, is known as "building information modelling" (BIM). It provides a thorough understanding of the AEC project, including both technical and non-technical aspects. BIM has always played a significant part in the process of construction management and designing

When a structure is represented digitally as a model, it conveys a specific amount of project detail. BIM Level of Detail / BIM Level of Development refers to the general state of a project's information model at a particular point in its design phase.

Revit BIM LOD incorporates not just graphical objects, but also the data related with them. A preliminary sketch should be the beginning point for the Revit BIM model, which should then develop into record drawings and as-builts over time.

One of the top design-build companies in India provides thorough Gantt charts that let you compare the project's expected progress to its actual progress, as well as complete coordinated building construction models in Autodesk Revit with the necessary BIM LOD stages.

We have successfully delivered precise Revit LOD BIM models to our clients with specified Level of Detail and Level of Development, ranging from BIM LOD 100 to LOD 500, backed by an in-house team of expert BIM engineers. Petrocon Revit BIM services have assisted clients to boost their projects in terms of cost and time with organized project schedule and overall management of the construction project.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) first used LOD in 2008 when it established five distinct levels of development to specify the level of detailing in a BIM model. Yet LOD was an idea that existed much before.

The first known use of LOD dates back to Vico Software, a provider of construction analysis software, which used a technique similar to LOD to link digital models to project costs. At various stages of the design process, the company made all the parameters and information related to a digital model available to everyone.

With the advent of LOD 350, there are now six levels of development, and it is observed that 80 to 90 percent of the pieces in a model should at the very least reach LOD 350.

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