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BIM library / Custom Revit Family creation

BIM library / Custom Revit Family creation

BIM library / Custom Revit Family Creation

A collection of intelligent virtual 3D objects known as BIM objects provides extensive information about a product or component's physical features, such as its shape and graphical representation. The BIM object can be used in the BIM model of the project in which it is to be employed since it precisely replicates the real-world behavior and requirements of the product itself. Product manufacturers typically include BIM objects in the product catalogues that project engineers and architects use to find a particular product.

Every item contains a set of metadata, including information about the model number, warranty, standard information, technical datasheets, and NBS requirements. Components objects and layered objects are the two different forms of BIM objects. The component objects are product models, such as windows, doors, boilers, etc., that have a particular 3D geometry. Layered objects, also known as material objects, are product models for things like carpets, roofs, walls, and ceilings that don't have a clear geometry or scale.


In order to ensure that any changes to a family type are updated and reflected instantly throughout the project that uses that family type, for example, if the dimensions of a window type are changed, all the windows of the same family are instantly updated throughout the project, custom revit family creation is the process of creating a library of building products or mechanical components. This is typically done using the Autodesk Revit platform. Parametric Revit families are those types of Revit families. The project owner can keep a centralized building information model for the project with the aid of the use of such intelligent or parametric families.

Using a specification sheet or product cut sheet, 2D CAD drawings, sketches, or even files provided in AutoCAD, Solidworks, Fusion 360, InfraWorks, 3DS Max, SketchUp, etc., we may construct parametric objects. Depending on the needs of our customers, we can also convert existing 3D CAD geometry into BIM objects.
Inputs Requires

  • 2D/Hand sketches
  • Manufacturer’s submittals & product code

We will Revit family’s for below services

  • Mechanical
  • Arcitecture
  • Movable Furniture
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Structure
  • Pipes & Chiller pumps
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical
  • Air Diffusion
  • Public Health
  • Foundation families
  • Railing families
  • Kitchen accessories families
  • Electrical lights/fixtures families
  • Sanitary ware families
  • Pipes & fixtures families
  • Furniture families
  • Glass panel system families
  • Door families
  • Window families
  • Wall families
  • Ceiling familie
  • Stair families
  • Column families
  • Truss families
  • Joist families

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