3D Modelling

Process Engineering

  • Provide line size calculations as per the given standards and required output.
  • Pressure drop, PSV, Relief valve and Control valve sizing
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Prepare process data sheets.
  • Prepare P&ID’S
  • Provide Operation Manual.
  • Propose design and control philosophy for optimized functioning of new and existing Plants.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Provide design calculations for static vessels
  • Pressure Vessel, Storage tank and Columns as per ASME sec Division 1 & 2, API 650 & API 620.
  • Heat transfer Equipment ( Heat exchangers & Fired heaters)
  • Rotating Equipment (Compressors, Turbines, Pumps & Mixers)
  • Detailing and issue of vendor drawings
  • Prepare material requisition documents
  • Prepare bidding and technical requirements.
  • Compare and review the vendor quotation in terms of technical biddings and issue for approval.
  • Finite Element Analysis

Civil/Structural Engineering

  • Perform design and detailing calculations for foundation, Layout and structural steel works
  • Prepare General Layout provisioning accessibility, pavement, road and fencing.
  • Provide with Fabrication drawings, Shop drawings and IFC drawings.
  • Calculate and analyse Structural and concrete supports.
  • Provide Procurement and construction support.
  • Issue MTO for all civil related purchasing.

Piping Engineering

  • Pressure Design of Pipes, Pipe fittingsas per International Codes and Standards
  • Pipe Material Specification
  • Detailing of Individual Lines
  • Pipe Isometric Generation
  • Bill of Material and Quantities including flanges, Valves and other fittings.
  • Finite Element Analysis of complete system
  • Generation of different Operating, Sustained and Expansion load cases, Considering Dead weight of pipe and piping components, Temperature, Seismic and Wind loads.
  • Perform Leakage test for flanges and Nozzle analysis, to study the combined effect of Bending Moment, Axial Loads and Internal pressure as per the required standards.
  • Provide MTO support and deliverables.
  • Issue final General arrangement drawings (GAD).

Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Earthing/ Cable traying.
  • Designing of Control Box, Junction Box and Panels.
  • MTO for control valves, relief valves and PSV’S
  • Finalization of Load list
  • Single Line diagram
  • Electrical specification
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Preparation of Cable schedules
  • Finalization of Control and Instrumentation List
  • Preparation of instrument data sheets and specifications
  • Layouts for instrument location and instrument cabling
  • Sizing and layout of control rooms