Scan Drawing Conversation

Scan Drawing Conversation

Scan drawing conversation

For a wide spectrum of clients, including architects, builders, engineers, and real estate developers, Petrocon offers Paper to CAD conversion help. We collaborate with a large number of reprographic companies who scan paper drawings and turn them into raster graphics. Your paper designs can be scanned by one of our repro partners, and we'll turn those scans into CAD files by vectorizing them. Two steps are involved in paper to CAD conversion services, or paper2cad services: scanning and vectorizing. The scanning is done by our repro partners, and we transform raster photos into fully editable CAD files. Your scanned paper drawings are manually redrawn and then converted into a variety of CAD files by us (including dwg, dxf, dgn, etc.). We are able to serve all of your Paper to CAD conversion needs by collaborating with our repro partners.

The conversion of scanned drawings, pdf files, and tiff files into CAD formats is our area of expertise.

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